zweiundzwei (zweiundzwei) wrote in prettybalanced,

revenuedirect is gone, and with it, the forum. This makes me very sad.

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permanently? i haven't been in a few weeks, i'm not up on news...
The Jew will have it fixed soon. Until then, you can go to to access the site and the forum. All the links should still work, but you'll need to sign in to the forum because the cookies will be all wack.
And to clear up any questions, it went away because Judith forgot to renew the domain name, but it's still being held for a couple days so it shouldn't turn into a porn site if she acts quickly. I'll try calling her tomorrow to make sure she gets it taken care of. And my website isn't near finished, so all you're going to get if you go to it is a picture of Molly Ringwald, so don't even bother, unless you really, really want to look at Molly Ringwald, and I can't blame you, because who doesn't? All day long.
Actually, never mind, tried to log into the forum and it won't work since it's set up to use the full url for its links. Hopefully things will be back up tomorrow.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it's back.
I just saw! =)