judithjewcakes (judithjewcakes) wrote in prettybalanced,

Cry for Help

Hi Everybody!

We're still looking for shows in the following places:

20 Dec: Portland, ME
21 Dec: New York, New Jersey, or Philadelphia
29 Dec: Chicago

If you have any info about local bands or nice small-to-medium-sized venues we should contact, or if you have a big basement/living room and would like to host a public show, please shoot us an email.

We're also looking for street team members. If you wanna help promote a show in your city, fill out the form or, if it doesn't work, because half the time it doesn't and I don't know why, you can email us with the same kind of informitables.

More news, probably as soon as Monday. And good news. Good amazing news. I bet you can't wait, because I can't.

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Yay Chicago on a Saturday!! Which means I could totally go! I hope you find a venue!!