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Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2008

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dear you and your friend:

we have an announcement. this summer, pretty balanced is going to the edinburgh fringe festival because we're young and determined. we will be playing free shows there, to be announced in april, and busking our asses off on the royal mile. if this excites you, think about donating to the trip fund--whatever you'd like, even a dollar. dude, if we could get every pb listener on, say, Last.fm to donate a dollar, we'd.........we'd like go to china. and the fringe festival. what i'm trying to say is, every little bit counts.

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of course that isn't the only traveling we'll be doing over the summer; we're already starting to plan for midwest and east coast shows. check back soon. look, see, last time i updated was a mere 11 days ago.

-judith jewcakes-
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