Judith (mimeynaomi) wrote in prettybalanced,

Pretty Balanced Needs Help on Tour

If you:

Are part of a band
Live in a major East Coast city
Have a basement

..you can help us go on tour this winter.

For we are poor, young and have no tour manager!!

We are looking for venue shows AND basement shows in OR AROUND Boston,
Providence, New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and
D.C., AND ANYWHERE IN-BETWEEN, between December 20th and December 31st.
If you are a local and just know of a good, small venue that would
appreciate a baby national act, tell us! If you are in a band, we would
be happy to have a show with you, we don't care how small you are, if
you can get gigs. If you have a house with a basement or just a large
room and want to volunteer it as a temporary venue, I'm afraid we can't
give you money, but we can give you a show in your house, and I think
that's pretty cool.

We are not picky. We just want to go on tour. If we go on tour and it
isn't a total bust, we can go on tour again, in the summer. And that
would be SWEET.

Please message me [Judith] with ANYTHING you have to offer.



Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We want to
for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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can i tour with you, please?
i could set up a show at Bard at the very end of the semester - we get out Dec 23.

Where is it, exactly?

You can definitely come wherever we go, and play wherever we play, especially in basements. I don't quite know how to approach a venue about sticking two bands on a bill, but by all means, play with us where you can.
i semi-know people in bands here who are lj friends more than they are real life friends. can i repost your notice on my lj and see if they respond? the only venues i know are all gonna be 21+.
You can repost ANYWHERE, yes yes yes yes. And 21+ is eh, but it's definitely something.
okay. here are links to all the ones in the area my immediate vicinity.

http://www.myspace.com/galaxyhut (they only have a myspace now)

and i'll repost on my lj. good luck! maybe i'll finally get to meet you!!

uhh, that's all i got right now.

bard is in "annandale-on-hudson", NY, about 30 minutes north of poughkeepsie and 90 north of NYC. not exactly on your way anywhere, but not too far from Boston - NYC, and i can house and feed you.
We are absolutely interested.
i make excellent spicy tofu.
EVEN BETTER............
Did you move to Boston for good or only for December?
Your MySpace won't let us send a reply...Tom is an ass;)

We want to set up some shows with you around January, will you be here?
I'm here when school is in session..I'll be gone Jan. 1st through 21st, and Forest and Parker will only be in town the second half of December, and then again the weekends of Feb. 24th and March 3rd. When they're gone I play the same material, solo.

Uggghhhh scheduless....

any luck checking any of the places i mentioned?

the woman at afterHOURS still hasn't gotten back to me. :/